Ending a Relationship with Someone You Love

Ending a relationship with someone you love? Is it really possible to make it happen without having broken heart or feeling without too much pain?

To be honest, the answer is a Big No, because it’s not possible when you love someone and suddenly do break up with your loved one. But sometimes you reached the point in a relationship where you realize that the person whom you love so much, you’re no longer in love with them cause of you have no future with your partner or you are lost your faith from them. Whatever the reason but, directly break up the relation is not easy and especially when you still love that person.

Learn the right way to End the relationship with someone you love

Firstly ask the few Questions to yourself to understand your own mind that actually what you want:

1.    Ask yourself that would you really want to do break up?

2.    Really you don’t want to give a second chance to your relationship?

3.    Do you think that you will have a change of your mind through the conversation?

4.    Are you just anger with your partner cause of at present circumstance?

Think twice on this Question and see what the answer is? If your most of the question’s answer are affirmative then it means you still love your partner and you are not ready for the breakup so, you should give a second chance to your relationship.

If the answer is NO, Then follow the below given ways and get a real way to end the relationship.

1.   Don’t Start Avoiding

Don’t start avoiding your partner before break up because doing this not only heart him/her, in fact, it will hurt, you also because don’t forget that you want to do break up, but your partner is not aware from all this, so be pleasant.

2.   Be Genuine with Reasons

Remember the reason that why you want to do break up with your partner. And please don’t give a childish reason like I want to live free, I want to complete my dream or you deserves a person better than me. Make a list of genuine reason that why you want to break up so when your partner asks you about the reason then you might give a genuine reason.

3.    Face to Face Communication

Talk face to face, calls your partner for the conversation it will be better if you go to their place if they live alone not with their family. Don’t make confuse them, be clear cut with your world and be honest that why you wants to do break up. So after the break up they know the reason behind the separation.

4.    Don’t get Annoyed

Don’t get angry or don’t use abusive language otherwise, it can be a harmful for you also. Be polite because your partner will surely get anger because it’s shocking news for them, but at the same time, you have to be normal and tackle them with softness and explain them a reason with politeness.

5.     Never get back

Once you walked out from relationship never get back because it’s not only riskful for you in fact for your partner also. Don’t make any kind of contact with them and give them space so they learn to live without you.

6.    Don’t feel Guilt

Don’t feel guilt or misdeed because it’s ok, “living unhappily alone is better than living unhappily with your partner”.

these are the steps for Ending a Relationship with Someone You Love, so by admitting these all in your love life you can make this possible.