Ways to Break Up With Your Boyfriend

In the beginning, of relationship, everything is very exciting and interesting. You can’t wait just to see your boyfriend and it feels amazing when he makes you feel special at every moment but as time passes some couples get closer to each other and get more comfortable with each other but some couples coast apart.

Break ups are never an easy thing for couples, but when couples feel uncomfortable with each other or regular Misunderstandings or problems arise, then it’s better to have broken up.

DO you wants to break up with your boyfriend and you are looking for how to gently break up with your boyfriend, then have a look at below given points and help yourself to get over from this relationship burden.

1.   Ask yourself why you want Break up

Ask yourself that why do you want to break up with your guy and is that any factor that he can change? If yes, then give your relationship one more chance to change everything, if the answer is no, then go for break up.

2.    Give them Chance

Don’t direct go for break up firstly let him know that you are not happy with him. Because directly saying for break up can hurt him badly because you both are in love and it would be unfair to spring a surprise on him.

3.    Wait for Changes

Wait for a couple of days and for a week. If his attitude is still not changed and he still behaving like an annoying jerk then and you are still unhappy with your relationship then it’s time to over your relationship.

4.   Remove All Fairing

If you don’t want to keep any gifts or love letter which he gave you. Then decide what you want to do, the first option is to lock them in any secret place or the second option is to give everything back to him.

5.    Person to Person

Don’t send him to break up message, text, mail or call. Whatever the kind of relationship is, but you have to accept break up at face to face because if you do it on message or call it’s one the other betrayal for him. So be clear and do a thing on a face to face.

6.     Be Real and Genuine  

Be honest, don’t lie with him. If you are feeling any bad thing or the reason behind your unhappiness, tell them everything. Because if you don’t let him know that what is actually the reason, he will get confused and always regret the thing that why you took this step, so be honest with him and your words.

7.    Give space

Give him space so he can adjust himself without you. Don’t call him or text him, in fact not just for knowing that how’s he. Say a big No for “Contact” because if you contact him then again he starts convincing you or you automatically again start feeling sympathy for him. So don’t make any kind of contact. by doing this you can easily get Break Up With Your Boyfriend.